So in my last blog I mentioned that I would be writing about the Deli Cafe in Garstang. This delightful little gem of a cafe is situated on Garstang High Street opposite the Royal Oak Hotel.

The Deli Cafe is owned and run by Gwen and her family. Established 6 years ago it has become a firm favourite for many in Garstang. You will always be assured of a warm welcome from Gwen and her team. Inside of the Deli Cafe it is cosy, with tables set out around the central deli counter. There are always lots of delicious looking fresh cakes and scones on display. You will also find mouth watering Quiches and the daily special on display to visually tempt you. The smell is amazing and the food always looks great. I think Gwen is aware the people tend to eat with their eyes first so being able to look at the display of food first is a real bonus, rather then just ordering blind from a menu. Regulars to the Deli Cafe will know that the quality of the food is excellent and to a high standard. However it retains that wholesome home cooked feel, with all of the food being freshly prepared in house. I think this is what makes the Deli Cafe such a beautiful little gem and great addition to the Garstang High Street.

On my visit today to report for the Martin’s Private Hire Blog (its a tough job being a taxi driver, but some one has to do it!) I managed to get a much sought after window seat. Today was quite a nice day out weather wise and Garstang High Street was quite busy and this was reflected inside the cafe too as it was filled with customers enjoying coffees, cakes and food but also with a steady stream of customers popping in to collect or order take out food which the Deli Cafe also provides.

I ordered my usual black americano coffee. I am a big a coffee lover, and I can report to all fellow coffee lovers out there that rest assured a great cup of coffee can be enjoyed at the Deli. As a licensed taxi driver and operator I have traveled far and wide, so I know a great coffee when I taste one!

There was lots to tempt me today but I decided upon a bowl of Spicy Butternut Squash and Lentil soup. The soup did not disappoint. A lively orange colour with flecks of red chili, served in a deep white bowl. It was thick and creamy with just enough hint of chili to warm the mouth without over exciting the palate. After enjoying the soup I decided that not trip to the Deli Cafe would be complete with out cake! Did I mention taxi drivers love cake? Well of course for the purpose of the Martin’s Private Hire Blog I had to try so that I could report on it, right?

I choose the Orange and Almond cake, and another coffee to accompany it. I have to say that this is a firm favourite of mine. It is so moist and full of flavour it simply is a must try. It’s also gluten free which I think is amazing considering how great this cake tastes.

All too soon my lunch was over and it was time to get back into my taxi and get on the roads of Garstang. As a local taxi driver I am often asked by people who are visiting Garstang about good local spots to visit. I can say that the Deli Cafe is one of those spots that I have no problem in personally recommending to any of my customers who get into my taxi in Garstang.

So next time I will be talking about the iconic Royal Oak Hotel that sits in the centre of Garstang. This historic coaching inn is an instantly recognisable Garstang landmark and one of which I have had to visit many times as a taxi driver and also on those days when I am allowed out of the taxi in order to enjoy a fine pint of beer on a Sunday afternoon!

All the best

Martin 🙂

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